Kowloon Walled City (2021)

Northeast Street Fighter Aneng (played by Shi Yanneng) fled to Hong Kong and was interrogated by the police as soon as he smuggled ashore. Fortunately, Jiahui (played by Yu Lang), who returned from studying abroad, rescued him. Jiahui’s father died of a serious illness, and the southern part of the city she was in charge of was coveted by various forces. Ah Neng protects Jiahui in time, and gets to know Sister Hong (Sun Zijun) from the West District with the help of Ah Kun (played by Lu Yu) to restore order in the city. At this time, the mysterious evil forces that have occupied the North District for many years stretched out their claws.

Genre:Action, Drama

Actors:Lu Yu, Xing Yu, Yu Lang, Zijun Sun


Release Date:


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Genre: Drama