Infinite Rebirth (2021)

In the year 2034, Professor Yang Junkang invented the T-chip. Human beings implanted with the T-chip, no longer develop diseases. After the medical chip conglomerate Universal Corporation monopolized the patented T-chip technology, the chip transplantation technology was extended to the general public, making human beings begin to rely on the T-chip. Ten years later, a mysterious mercenary group attacked the headquarters of the Universal Group and extremely cruelly killed most of the people in the headquarters except Yang Junkang’s granddaughter Yang Xiaoqing, and implanted a never-before-seen chip virus into the central console. In an instant all the new humans who have been transplanted with T-chips are paralysed and their lives are in danger.

Genre:Drama, Sci-Fi

Actors:Wang Shuai


Release Date:


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Genre: DramaSci-Fi